Chinese travelers to the UK spend more, 132 percent increase on 2012

In the first half of 2013, Chinese travelers to Britain spent 181 million pounds (US$296 million), a jump of 132 percent year-over-year. Given the high taxes on luxury goods in at home, Chinese travelers are motivated buyers. Chinese visitors to London, on average, spend three times more than any other nationality on luxury goods – luxury handbags, shoes, watches and expensive accessories.

The Britain government wants to outperform its European counterparts by making the country even friendlier to the Chinese and be “the most welcoming destination in Europe for Chinese visitors,” according to British Culture Secretary Maria Miller.Britain is set to launch a campaign in spring 2014 to attract more travelers from China with the goal of getting 650,000 visits by 2020, worth about 1.1 billion pounds annually.

Chinese shoppers in London