Chinese return to Italy for shopping

The Chinese are choosing Italy again as destination for shopping and not only as a business or cultural destination. This is one of the trends that emerges from the analysis carried out by Global Blue, leading company of the market for Tax Free Shopping services, during the trimestre December 2016-February 2017.

After a period of lesser flux of Chinese tourists in our Country related to various factors – from the introduction of a VISA with biometric data to the fear of terrorist attacks – during the trimester in question one can see a trend inversion, which sees a new found love for shopping Made in Italy. Between December 2016 and February 2017, in fact, tax free shopping by Chinese visitors are once again registering a +4% increase, with an average receipt equal to 975 Euros, practically stable compared to 2015/2016. A welcome return for a nationality that, with its 31%, has an important role in the tax free sector in Italy. The positive trend of Russian tourists also strengthens, as they continue to shop in our Country: +37% with an average receipt equal to 662 Euros, practically in line with that registered last year. Shopping by travellers from Hong Kong (+11%) and America (+7%) is also growing.