Chinese go beyond counterfeiting luxury branded products and create fake store fronts

In the city of Shenyang, Chinese copycat culture has reached absurd heights with a new outdoor mall featuring exclusively fake luxury storefronts. Located in Wanda Square, the self-styled “European-style pedestrian street” features glitzy neoclassical promenades populated by ersatz versions of European luxury brands, from Herwès to Cnanel.

Visitors to Wanda Square can window-shop at PRΛDΛ, Cairtier, and Tifeany & CO. And the goofy travesty of intellectual property and trademark infringement isn’t limited to fashion companies. Starbucks is Starbocks, Häagen-Dazs is Häagen-Dezs, and the British bank Standard Chartered has been rechristened Standard Chertered.

According to a spokesperson from Wanda Group, which represents the mall, the phony boutiques are designed for “marketing purposes” in order to attract investment.

Fake stores of major intl luxury brands in Shenyang, China