China’s wealthy households to reach 10,3 million by 2030

According to a report by Economist Intelligence Unit, by 2030, the number of Chinese households with an income over $150,000 is expected to rise to 10.3 million. Furthermore, more than one third of households in China will make over $50,000 in income by 2030, reports China Daily. Currently, only one percent of households exceed $50,000 in income.

As for the wealthiest Chinese, there are currently 2.4 million with assets of over 10 million yuan (US$1.6 million), and 93,000 of those have assets of over 100 billion yuan.

Last year, Chinese spending on luxury goods made up 47 percent of the world’s total luxury spending with $28 billion spent domestically and $74 billion spent overseas, according to the Fortune Character Institute.

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