China’s leading internet players gather in Paris at the third edition of China Connect

China Connect is the largest gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends,marketing, digital and mobile, in Europe. The 3rd edition which takes place in Paris on March 28 and 29 aims to gather China’s internet, Marketing, Digital and Mobile professionals, with Western brands, in order to share, case studies and perspectives, consumer insights, social marketing, e-commerce, mobile and storytelling in China.

The Agenda of the 3rd edition of China Connect includes topics such as understanding the outcomes, stakes and opportunities of online/offline Chinese Consumers engagement, as the country middle class is booming. The latter, a key growth driver, also lives in more remote and less accessible regions, In-land China, making easier the massive and fast e-commerce expansion.

Among the companies already registered are: Chanel, Chopard, Aéroports de Paris, Coty, LVMH, PPR, Hennessy, Parrot, Waterman, Hachette, Yves Rocher, Datawords, Legrand. Speakers represent companies such as: McKinsey&Company, Sina Weibo, Christie’s, Bomoda, Clarins Group, Zenith Optimedia, Filmworks China Entertainment Marketing,