China’s First Lady Peng ­Li­yuan arrives in Moscow on state visit, wearing Chinese designer outfit

China’s First Lady, Peng ­Li­yuan, a former celebrity folk singer is set to indefinitely change the image of China’s leadership. Arriving in Moscow with her husband, President Xi Jinping on his first visit abroad since formally taking power, Mrs Peng Liyuan has stolen the limelight with a star smile and photo posture, wearing a classic black double-breasted jacket and carrying an elegant logo-less handbag by Chinese premium fashion brand EXCEPTION例外.

Founded in 1996 in Guangzhou by designer Ma ke and her husband Mao Ji Hong, Exception is considered a luxury brand in China, with 10 stores in mainland China, of which 2 stores in Beijing. Price range of Exception products range from US$ 150 for a silk scarf to US$ 1.400 for a handbag.

Chinese social media Weibo has exploded with admiration for the new First Lady, many calling her the most beautiful and most elegant First Lady, China ever had. She is compared to the wives of former leaders who rarely made public appearances, on very few occasions travelling with their husbands on state visits. On Taobao, an online shopping site, Chinese users were instantly provided with a replica of her attired - coats and handbags similar to those chosen by Peng Liyuan for her Russian trip.

China’s First Ladie – Peng Liyuan (r) has been compared to Wang Yeping (l) and Liu Yonqing (m)

Mrs Peng Liyuan is Mr Xi’s second wife, and the two have a daughter studying in the US under an assumed name. Mr Xi divorced his first wife, the daughter of a diplomat.

Reuters’ video coverage of the arrival of the Chinese Presidential couple in Moscow

Amanda Zhang

China’s First Lady Peng ­Li­yuan arrives in Moscow (photo AP)