Chanel will open its first ever spa at Ritz Paris

Chanel has recently confirmed plans to open the ‘Chanel au Ritz Paris’ Spa, dedicated to the brand’s skin care, which will open at the end of the year in the Ritz Club.

Ritz Paris has been closed since July 2012 for an extensive renovation, which is set to be completed later this year. Chanel has deep historic ties to the Ritz Paris, whose famous residents included the late couturier, Coco Chanel, for almost 34 years. Upon reopening, Chanel will unveil a Coco Chanel suite inspired by the one inhabited by Ms Chanel.

“The story linking Chanel and the Ritz Paris would not be complete without the opening of a new Coco Chanel suite inspired by the one she originally occupied and by the decor she loved so much,” says an official statement from Chanel.

Suite Coco Chanel at Ritz Paris