CHANEL to open “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition in London

French luxury maison Chanel is set to take center stage in London this autumn, with the opening of a new exhibition at the city’s prestigious Saatchi Gallery.

Chanel is one of those luxury houses enjoying a rich heritage, built on a brilliant founder and his/her vision. Gabrielle Chanel played a role in women’s  emancipation, she dared to say what she thought and she embodied her brand to perfection. She also broke the rule in fashion, jewelry and perfumery and her audacity and vision of free women are now part of Chanel’s DNA.

“Mademoiselle Privé” is set to offer an ‘enchanted voyage’ through the history of the iconic French fashion house. It will showcase the world-famous ateliers, including “Bijoux de Diamants” jewelry collection which was originally designed in 1932 but reissued at its casino-themed show earlier this month.

This exhibition, which runs from October 13-November 1 and will take over three floors of the Chelsea Gallery is inspired by Coco Chanel’s charismatic personality, as well as by the achievements of Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel’s 30 years creative director), currently at the helm.

Dusica T.

CHANEL Haute Couture Collection 1977 – London exhibition @ Saatchi, Fall 2015