Chanel launches innovative digital campaign to reveal the insider story of the house

After the exquisit Spring Summer 2013, with probably the most impressive settting of the entire Paris Fashion Week (huge wind turbines and solar panels) French luxury maison Chanel is set to surprise its fans, admirers and customers this Friday (October 5) with an exclusive inside story told online on the dedicated website “Inside Chanel” (

A series of original short films 2 to 4 minutes long recount the events and people who influenced the destiny of Coco Chanel and forged the legend. This journey, rife with images and historical evidence will take viewers to the origins and to the heart of the creations of Chanel, a luxury brand recognised the world over.

The saga begins with the legend of N°5. Chanel opens in an unprecedented way its archives to capture the essence of this iconic fragrance, from its genesis to its muses, who have embodied the perfume since it was first created.

Coco Chanel in Rue Cambon Ateliers