CHANEL hosts grand event in Las Vegas this weekend

French luxury maison of CHANEL flew in over 200 VIP guests to Las Vegas for a lavish event which took place over the weekend at the WYNN Hotel, also home of Chanel’s flagship boutique in the Sin City. The attendees had a  first look opportunity at Chanel’s opulent “Numéros Privés” fashion and high jewellery installation. Chanel organized a similar event at the Harrods in London in November last year.

Chanel’s Las Vegas event featured an exquisit dinner attended by celebrities Jessica Alba, Rachel Joe, Diane Kruger, Vivian Wang, Anouck Lepere and many others as well as prestigious fashion editors.

Live music mixed by Alexa Chung and a live performance by Imelda May were the highlights of the event. Fashion installations with models dressed as swans and jewellery pieces presented in special curtain sets completed the event.