CHANEL has no plans to launch e-commerce

In an interview to Bloomberg, Bruno Pavlovsky, President Fashion at CHANEL stresses that the in-store experience is too important to the brand, hence the company is not considering launching e-commerce any time soon.  “What they (customers) want is to feel unique.” Chanel has fewer stores than Louis Vuitton, though its focus is still on brick and mortar locations. The brand doesn’t plan to extend e-commerce beyond cosmetics, presumably because that would make them too available.

“Fashion is about clothing, and clothing you need to see, to feel, to understand,” he said, while what digital initiatives are online are “more to bring the customers to the boutique than to sell instead of the boutique.” He offered no indication of when e-commerce might launch, but it sounds like a distant possibility: “If, at the end of the day, our customers are happier, it’s fine. If not, it’ll be a mistake.”

Chanel, Spring Summer 2013