CHANEL, an impressive store in Ekaterinburg, Russia

CHANEL Ekaterinburg

Having recently reviewed, unfortunately, negatively, the CHANEL boutique in Kiev, Ukraine, it has come as the most pleasant surprise to discover the maison’s store in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Situated downtown, within a sleek low rise contemporary shopping gallery on Sakko & Vanzetti Street, the CHANEL boutique spreads over two floors, with an ideal corner location and dual entrance, both from within the gallery as well as a street access. CHANEL’s neighbouring brands with monobrand stores are Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Fendi.

Designed by Peter Marino, the store was opened in 2009 and it covers all product lines from leather accessories, ready to wear, eyewear, make up / cosmetics, fine jewellery and watches. The high ceilings provide an airy feel, without losing cosyness and warmness. The quality of finishes is impressive, with the best quality materials used.

Probably the most important ”unseen” feature of the Chanel store in Ekaterinburg is its atmosphere, which creates a truly luxury experience. While in the store, I have noticed several elegant young ladies who became invisible within second, being whisked to one of the private dressing rooms by sales assistants who were not only familiar to them, clearly knowing them personally, but also seemgly aware of the exact item they actually came to the store for.

Since opening, the CHANEL store has not only been setting new standards for Ekaterinburg but also for the entire Eastern European region, not only through its impeccable architecture and merchandising but also through its very high standard of customer service.

According to market sources, the CHANEL boutique is also among the best performing among the major luxury brands present in Ekaterinburg, catering to a sophisticated clientele, mainly locals. Speaking to one of the customers of the brand, she shared with me that fact that she regarded CHANEL, like most of her friends, as the upper level of luxury, almost like an ”educational step” from the ”bling brands” which they used to buy.

Oliver Petcu