Cashmere, the key to success for several luxury brands



Ballantyne, Pringle, Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana are the top players of a niche of fashion which some call ”the cashmere brands”. The recently annouced positive results of LORO PIANA and BALLANTYNE are clearly showing that the current crisis has made consumers be focused on classic, high quality apparel and accessories. Cashmere is not only luxury but also extremely comfortable to wear and long lasting. The other huge advantage of these brands during the current crisis is the classic design of their collections, collections changing from season to season in colors and less in actual design, therefore customers are able to wear their garments and accessories not only in various occasions but also in seasons.

Owned by the CEO of FERRARI, Italian luxury brand BALLANTYNE has been drawing on this demand and has been producing very high quality collections with some innovativ, yet very wearable pieces. British brand PRINGLE has been showing positive results too, its creative team designing modern, yet with classic twist collections. LORO PIANA, which we consider the ”Italian HERMES” has been strenghtening on accessories and its collections are received very well by customers throughout the world. LORO PIANA is opening this Spring a flagship in Istanbul’s top luxury mall Istynie Park and several other openings are scheduled for 2010.

The most classic of all these brands is Brunello Cucinelli , an Italian institution of luxury timeless fashion. While most of luxury brands register lowering sales in USA, Brunello Cucinelli have been showing increasingly positive results.