Cartier focus on innovation and launch vacuumed case watch

French luxury maison CARTIER, owned by Richemont Group presented this week its latest watch, with a case is under vacuum, highlighting that innovation is an important asset of the company during recession times. “The goal is to have technological innovations that are not a marketing ploy, but are technological advances that benefit our customers,” CEO of Cartier, Bernard Fornas told AFP. He also added ”Creativity and innovation are two elements that are part of the requirements for success” of the brand.

Cartier ID Two concept watch

The new Cartier concept watch, ID Two, with its case under vacuum, to minimize the friction of the mechanism,  the mechanism of this watch should be wound every 32 days as against two days for a classic watch. In 2009 presented a concept watch called ID One, which incorporates innovative materials such as carbon crystal niobium or titanium to do without any form of lubrication and therefore control. A derivative of the ID One will be presented for the first time in January 2013 at the Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva and will be sold in limited edition of 50 copies in September of next year. Its price should be between 91,500 to 125,000 euros.

Bernard Fornas also expressed confidence in the activity of Cartier, despite the global economic crisis.”I’m not worried. If the savings are going well, we will do better than others. If the savings are not going well, we will do better than others. That is to say, take market share steadily , “he said.  Richemont Group, which owns Cartier, posted on fiscal offset 2011/2012 net profit up 43% to 1.5 billion euros.The Swiss watch industry has meanwhile recorded in May exports up 16.2% to 1.9 billion Swiss francs.