Carrera y Carrera unveils the new Seda Imperial Collection

Inspired by the Manila shawl, originally from China, a completely artisanal garment hand-embroidered in natural silk with skill and dexterity, Spanish high jewellery makers Carrera y Carrera have taken the most characteristic motifs of this garment to create Seda Imperial, a new collection of breathtaking jewellery. Astonishing volumes, bold asymmetries, a mix of yellow and white gold, and colored gemstones comprise an innovative and daring vision of the floral theme.

An Eastern legend has it that 46 centuries ago, there was a Chinese princess named Liu-Tsu who, at the age of 14, was forced to marry a barbaric Khan against her will for political reasons. As revenge, Liu-Tsu hid in her shawl the best-guarded mystery of the Far East, unknown until that time – the secret of Imperial Silk embroidery – and she threw it into the depths of the ocean.

Centuries later, the captain of the Nao San Felipe plied the 7 seas, from Manila to Acapulco and from there to Seville, fighting adversaries from every continent. One day when the seas were calm, he glimpsed something in the water. The shawl appeared in the hands of the captain, who guarded it as if it were treasure.

That same night, a storm broke. The story says that one April afternoon, the ship appeared by itself in the port of Seville in Spain; nothing was known of its captain or crew. A woman found the shawl and gave it to a young embroiderer for embroidering. This woman was the captain’s lover and an aristocrat who, along with the young embroiderer, protected the mystery.

The Seda Imperial Collectio retraces this legend. Watch the video presentation here.