BUSINESS OF LUXURY portal CPP-LUXURY.COM becomes fully international

Starting with April 2nd 2010, BUSINESS OF LUXURY portal CPP-LUXURY.COM will become fully international on all its editorial sections, covering worlwide luxury industry news and expert analysis.

Launched by CPP LUXURY INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD in February 2009, CPP-LUXURY.COM is an independent luxury industry business publication with daily news and expert analysis on all luxury sectors.

Also, from April 2nd, the new Editor in Chief of CPP-LUXURY.COM is Mr Sebastien Lavalle. The publisher of the portal is Mr Oliver Petcu, also Managing Director of CPP LUXURY INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT CONSULTATS LTD. The editorial office is based in Bucharest, Romania and has two full time correspondents in Paris and New York.

CPP also annouces that from June 1st 2010, all editorial sections (except News) of BUSINESS OF LUXURY portal will be available only to subscribed readers. Membership is free of charge and is subject to a full registration form. The CPP-LUXURY.COM newsletter will no longer be sent automatically and it will only be sent to those subscribers which specifically request this service.

At the same time with the launch of CPP-TRAVEL.COM the online luxury travel service portal, on October 5th 2010, CPP-LUXURY.COM will also be available on BlackBerry and IPHONE applications.