BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2010 – the leading luxury event dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe

CPP MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD, sole Central and Eastern European consultancy specialized in luxury annouces the date of 16th March for the 2010 edition of its B2B event BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM, organized annually since 2004. The event is a platform for networking for luxury industry executives from all over the world who are interested in expanding in CEE or are already present in some of the CEE countries as well as local and regional luxury industry executives. The uniqueness of the event is that it also attracts a considerable number of very wealthy luxury consumers from Eastern Europe of whom many are also potential investors.

The countries covered and represented are: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland and Slovenia. With the occasion of the event, we shall present the  Luxury Market Reviews – our annual reports on each market, which analyze in-depth each luxury industry segment and the luxury consumer profile, highlighting opportunities. Over half of the speakers will be from the other countries (not Romania) and we shall have three leading speakers (CEO’s of major international luxury brands)

Also attending will be media (lifestyle and business) from all the countries represented, there is a media partner in each country. For Romania, as it is the host of the event, the coverage will be more extensive wih INTACT Antena 1 group ensuring the media partnership.

The event is an excellent opportunity for exposure and awareness for:

 - luxury brands which plan to enter the CEE markets

- luxury brands interesting to expand their existing retail in CEE

- luxury brand from all sectors targetting the wealthy consumers attending

- private banking representatives

- suppliers for the luxury industry – IT, security, lawyers, designers/architects, HR companies etc

A fee of EUR 90 is applied to standard quests, except media. There are still some speaker opportunties. For further information: or email