Burberry launches new made-to-order catwalk and “smart personalisation” service

Burberry new Made-to-Order Catwalk Service

Burberry has launched a new made-to-order catwalk and “smart personalisation” service, whereby customers can order bespoke pieces straight from the autumn/winter 2013-14 show which takes place later today. Any of the bags and outerwear featured on this season’s catwalk will be available to order online at burberry.com as soon as the show is finished – with the option to have your name engraved into the metal coat tag or on the bag plate.

The service will run for two weeks from today, and at no additional cost. Each piece will also feature in-built technology: passing your smart phone over the item will unlock video footage “retracing its journey” from design sketches to pattern cutting. The technology will also work inside the new Burberry Regent Street store, triggering the huge mirrors which will turn to screens and display your personalised product video if you stand in front of them.