BURBERRY inaugurates in London first European store dedicated to the BRIT line

BURBERRY inaugurated this week in London’s Covent Garden, its first European store dedicated to the casual "Burberry Brit" fashion label, targetting a younger audience.

With a glitzy new head office in London’s Victoria under the watchful eye of its American chief executive Angela Ahrendts, the brand is increasingly using its Britishness as currency in a luxury market dominated by big continental European brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but increasingly looking to the far east for sales.

Burberry’s Creative Director Christopher Bailey, present at the opening event said:  Brit is "a little bit dishevelled and distinctively British".

Covent Garden itself is in the middle of a multimillion-pound makeover, as it looks to shake off its reputation as a tourist trap and become a shopping destination for luxury and cult brands. The location is a bold choice for Burberry and right next door to what is the largest Apple store in the world.

The Covent Garden store has giant touch screens that allow shoppers to flick through lifesize images of its products which shop assistants, armed with iPads, can then order for them.