Burberry enters new phase with opening of Leeds office

Burberry has kicked off a new phase this week with the opening of its new Leeds office space and it turns out that the new address will eventually house 400 of the luxury brand’s staff, rather than the 300 originally announced.

The Burberry Business Services (BBS) hub includes staff from the firm’s finance, HR, procurement, customer service and IT teams. A number of the jobs have been relocated from its London HQ but most of them are completely new, although further jobs, mainly in IT, will move from London to the Leeds location by the end of next year.

While the company is known to have been cutting costs and a major hub in north of England is much cheaper than one in London, it also said that Leeds has a number of other advantages.

Burberry already has strong links with he region as it has manufactured there for many years and still does, at Castleford and Cross Hills, as well as having a warehouse in Northumberland. It makes good businesses sense to have an office hub there as a result.

But it also said that a key consideration when deciding on the new office location was the close proximity of a number of universities and colleges. They could provide it with the highly skilled workforce it needs.

Burberry new office Leeds