Burberry debuts the ‘Scarf Bar’ and enlarges trench collection

Burberry has launched “The Burberry Scarf Bar”, a celebration of the brand’s iconic cashmere scarves, offering customers an expanded range of classic and lightweight cashmere designs, all made in Scotland.

Launching with a new range of colours and prints as well as a variety of thread colours for monogramming, customers can choose to create their Burberry scarf exactly the way they want it.

Burberry’s iconic scarves are made in Scotland at two distinguished mills in the towns of Elgin and Ayr. Both have a rich history of producing cashmere scarves using the finest materials and craftsmanship techniques.

Each scarf is made of 100% cashmere and carefully woven on a traditional loom, then washed in the fresh waters of Elgin and Ayr and finished by skilled craftspeople using expert methods passed down through generations.

The Burberry Scarf Bar will be available globally in-store and online, featuring a selection of over 30 colours, in classic and lightweight cashmere, including the iconic heritage shades. In addition a monogramming service allows for personalization of scarves – customers can choose from two font sizes to embroider their scarves with up to three letters in over 30 shades of thread.