Bugatti opens lifestyle boutique and showroom in Tokyo

The French luxury brand’s partner in Japan is the AOI Group. Bugatti Tokyo is the first facility of the super sports car manufacturer in the world to combine a vehicle showroom and a stand-alone lifestyle boutique under one roof.

At the same time, the dealer, located in the fashionable district of Aoyama, has the first facility in Asia with the new Bugatti brand design and the third in the world following New York and Miami. Other showrooms including a lifestyle boutique are planned to follow in Monaco and Munich over the next few months. Bugatti currently has 28 dealers in 14 countries.

Bugatti Tokyo takes up three stories covering an area of 300 sqm in total. In a 40 sqm private lounge located in the elegant basement Bugatti customers have the opportunity to configure their new car. The vehicle showroom is situated on the ground floor. Like the customer lounge it has the elegant new showroom design of the brand, dominated by Bugatti’s characteristic blue colour. It is here, near to the demonstration vehicle, where the Bugatti Performance Collection is presented.

The AOI Group, which has been Bugatti’s official sales and service partner in Japan since 2014, has been in the automobile business for more than 50 years and has considerable experience in the sale of European premium and luxury vehicles. In addition to the showroom, AOI will operate a dedicated service centre which will provide the highest possible level of service for customers and vehicles in the region.


Bugatti showroom & lifestyle store Tokyo