Bugatti launch luxury fashion and accessories brand extension

Bugatti Lifestyle, a newly created division by the eponymous motorcycle brand which was bought in 1998 by the Volkswagen Group, launched earlier this week in Milan, during the on-going fashion week, an exclusive fashion range. The company is launching a selection of ultra-luxury leather apparel and accessories, entirely Made in Italy, using the EB initials, which stand for Ettore Bugatti, the founder of Bugatti.

The new Lifestyle Collection lines of Bugatti will be: the Ettore Bugatti Monogram Line, Extreme Performance Macaron Line and the Bespoke Programe, exclusively for Bugatti customers. The apparel is designed to capture the personal style and flair of mastermind Ettore Bugatti, expanding the brand to be more a fully encompassing luxury lifestyle title. All of the lines are predominantly designed for men, and are “designed to meet the taste of a highly sophisticated personality, who loves luxury and performance and is a leader in his field.” A blue crocodile skin bag was designed to appeal to female clientele, shaped to reflect the unmistakable horseshoe of the Bugatti’s front grille.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection – EB Line

The Ettore Bugatti Monogram Line boasts “sartorial lines and intensely sophisticated textiles,” echoing design elements of the Royale and Atlantic. The Extreme Performance Macaron Line brings the mechanincal innovation of Bugatti to the world of fashion with the introductions of “exclusive technical and high performing fabrics, stretch materials with graphics and reflective tape.” The Tailor Made or Bespoke Line reserves the best of Bugatti’s opulence and refinement for their most refined consumers. All items from this line are custom crafted from the finest materials available by request and appointment only.

BUGATTI EB Line – Sartorial Approach

The company is opening two mono-brand stores in Hong Kong and Beijing next January, with a target of 35 mono-brand stores within 5 years, most of them in franchising. The showroom and headquarters of Bugatti Lifestyle company will be inaugurated in Milan, in October this year, in a spacious location in the Sant’Ambrogio area of the city.