Buddha Bar SPA interested in Eastern Europe

French BUDDHA Bar SPA is a concept developped by the the wife of David Visan composer and founder of BUDDHA BAR music. The company currently operates a 1.500 sqm Buddhattitude SPA in France at the HILTON in resort town of EVIAN LES BAINS. In 2009 the first two international franchised Bddhattitude Spa’s will open in Qatar and Senegal, other locations following in 2010 (China, Panama).

BUDDHA BAR SPA is interested in expanding in Eastern Europe, especially Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. (enquiries can be addressed to CPP)

The BUDDHA BAR concept also includes hotels, currently there is one location in operation in Prague, Czech Republic – BUDDHA BAR HOTEL Praha  Two other Buddha Bar Hotels are scheduled for Budapest and Panama City in 2010. The Buddha Bar hotels also run under a franchising concept.