Brunello Cucinelli reports 10% turnover increase in 2016

Brunello Cucinelli reports 2016 revenues rose by 10% to 456 million, thanks to growth both in Italy (+ 7%) and abroad (+ 11%). “The data from the sell-out of winter 2016, and the campaign of summer sales in 2017 make us expect a healthy double-digit growth in sales and profits,” says the founder Brunello Cucinelli.
Brunello Cucinelli sales grew by + 5.8% in Europe, + 7% in North America, +21.8% in Greater China and + 39% in the rest of the world, supported by  increased sales in Japan, south Korea and Middle East.
In 2o16, the company invested 30 million Euros for the completion of a project begun in 2013, for a total of 150 million, aimed at “consolidating the foundation and lay the foundation for the sustainability of the business in the long term and positioning in high-end market. “
Last year, investments were made, in particular, the opening of new stores, the development of the technology platform and the digital.

Brunello Cucinelli Fall Winter 2016