Brunello Cucinelli expects double digit growth in 2015 too

Brunello Cucinelli store Hong Kong

Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli reports preliminary data for the year 2014 with revenues of EUR 355.8 million (+ 10.3% at current exchange rates), with a + 12.1% in international markets.

“What has just ended – said Mr Cucinelli - was a ” lovable” year, which confirmed our intent and our expectations, not only of a steady growth globally but also a return to numbers rising again in Italy (where it was posted a + 2.8%) ”

The secret of success is, as reiterates Cucinelli, “an absolute luxury” driven by craftsmanship, modernity, unique style and quality.” As 2015 looms? “2015 will be just as special, as we expect an increase double digit growth in revenues and margins ”

Cucinelli hopes for himself, for the industry, but also “for all humanity” the return to “one of the great values of man: the” dignity “.

2014 marked significant increases for Cucinelli in North America (+ 12.7%), Greater China (+ 32.7%) and rest of the world (+ 15.9%), with a + 8.2% in Europe.