Boucheron unveils its latest high jewellery collection, ‘Rêves d’Ailleurs’

Travel has always been at the heart of the Boucheron Maison. As a family, the Boucherons were highly cosmopolitan and extremely curious about their surroundings – they never ceased throughout the generations to bring back to Paris things which amazed them from elsewhere.
The five chapters, Trésor de Perse (Treasure of Persia), Rives du Japon (Shores of Japan), Splendeurs de Russie (Splendors of Russia), Fleurs des Indes (Flowers of India) and Pinceau de Chine (Chinese Ink Brush), are an international journey through the history of the Maison, dreamlike in their marvels and the magnificent creations found within.
The ‘Rêves d’Ailleurs’ collection features several iconic pieces: an Indian Palace ring in white gold and platinum, set with an oval cabochon black opal, two pear emeralds and diamonds; Trésor de Perse necklace in white gold, paved with two exceptional cabochon sapphires, diamonds, chalcedonies and crystal rock; Rivage necklace – Rives du Japon set, in white gold paved with diamonds and sapphires in volume thanks to the “chahuté” technic.