Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier to open his own label flagship store this Fall

Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Tomas Maier is speeding up the development of his own brand, expanding his collection and opening its first flagship store this Fall, in New York, on Madison Avenue. The expanded collection will be manufactured in Italy and the E.U. and will be priced ”reasonably” as the designer has put it. Until now, the Tomas Maier collection was available on a small scale in seasonal boutiques in East Hampton and Palm Beach.

Tomas Maier‘s own brand is backed by Kering Group, the parent company of Bottega Veneta. He has been with Bottega Veneta since 2001 delivering exceptional results, the brand maintaining its position as one of the most profitable and consistent within the Kering Group.

Tomas Maier (photo WSJ)