Bottega Veneta launches Spring/Summer 2018 collection in an anthology of films

Bottega Veneta is capturing the many moods of its spring/summer 2018 collection in an anthology of films. In a new episode of its Art of Collaboration campaign concept, Bottega Veneta tapped a handful of cinematic artists for a series of six films surrounding its latest collection. Mirroring the shifting seasons, the effort centers on the subjects of renewal and reconection.

Titled “Reflections,” Bottega Veneta’s campaign was directed by Fabien Baron, with cinematography by Academy Award-nominated Philippe Le Sourd, set design by Stefan Beckman and an original score by Johnny Jewel. Split into six parts, each short has its own mood, theme and narrative.

The first episode, “Miraggio,” stars models Vittoria Ceretti and Aube Jolicoeur. Ms. Ceretti is seen walking down a sidewalk looking straight ahead, while Ms. Jolicoeur appears staring at a car engulfed in flames as it rolls along a street.

After the camera angle changes, the viewer can see that Ms. Ceretti’s handbag is also on fire, making the model’s nonchalant stroll more surreal For Bottega Veneta, the fires in the film are meant to represent passion and the soul, while also calling to mind a sense of emergency.

Chapter two of reflections, “196.6 MHz,” takes its name from 1966, the year Bottega Veneta was founded. Setting the scene, two touching hands are seen being pulled apart. The vignette centers on a man and a women attempting to connect via a radio. Ms. Ceretti is seen getting into the driver’s seat of a car, while her costar Janis Ancens paces in a motel room.

Both interact with radios, turning nobs to try to get a signal, trying to bridge what is an unidentified distance. While the pair fails to communicate verbally, the final shot is of the same hands reaching for each other and reconnecting.

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