Booming occupancy at Parisian hotels in 2011, due emerging markets

Le Meurice Hotel – Belle Etoile Suite

According to a report by Reuters which quotes Paris Tourism Office, the French capital registered a record number of 36.9 million night stays in total, in 2011. Visitors from emerging countries, China in particular, were much more likely to stay in Paris last year, unlike the Italians, Japanese, British and Spanish.

With growth of 3.1% in 2011 compared to the previous year, the Paris hotel occupancy reached 36.9 million overnight stays for “the first time in its history,” it said in a statement. The occupancy rate of hotels in Paris last year reached 79.5%, up 2.3 points year on year. It reached 81.2% for three-star hotels, which is presented as a record first for over ten years.”

To explain this growth despite the global crisis, the Tourism Office cites the increase in attendance of foreign nationals from emerging countriesChina takes the cake with a 21.6% increase in overnight stays in 2011 (407,000 total) ie an increase of 62.9% over two years.

The increase is 42.8% over two years for visitors from the Americas, excluding the United States. The Paris Tourism Office highlights the steady increase in occupancy by French nationals from outside Paris which registered a 37% increase in number of nights spent in Parisian hotels. 

Business tourism is also thriving with an increase in overnight stays by 11.8% over two years. By contrast, occupancy rates by British  (-3.1%), Italy (-6.1%), Japan (-6.7%) and Spain (-8%), were down in 2011.