BMW unveils brand new 2017 5 series

BMW has recently previewed its new, luxurious and tech-packed seventh-generation of the 5-series sedan which will be officially released at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2017. The newest 5-series sports with the alias G30, has an assortment of new technology features that draw inspiration from the 7-series. Nevertheless, the 2017 5-series showcases stunning bodywork styling and is a powerhouse of impressive, advanced in-car technology.

The front end of the 5-series has a broad chrome-framed kidney grille and extended headlights – styling cues taken from the 7 series. Changes are not too noticeable in the dashboard layout nor the vehicle’s rear, although BMW claims to have ‘tweaked’ the back of the car to render the new series a lower center of gravity, visually at least.

The trunk space and cabin are significantly more spacious compared to the 7 series. However, one of the most prominent features is the configurable digital instrument cluster, which happens to be a first in BMW nameplates’ decades-long past. The driver-centric center console stays that way, so does the automatic transmission and the rear-wheel drive, all of which standard BMW offerings irrespective of the chosen engine.

A special feature in the new 5 is the adaptive cruise control – a feature that can bring the vehicle to a full halt if required, and which also senses when the vehicle ahead starts moving. The technology is intelligently programmed to monitor two vehicles ahead and accordingly brake and accelerate more smoothly. A special heating element ascertains that this brilliant software works even in snowy conditions.

The gesture-controlled infotainment system (placed atop the dash) that debuted in 2015 in the 7 series, comes in the new series at an extra cost. The price justification could be the provision of additional menu navigation options – via voice commands, or the iDrive controller, or simply a touch of the impressive 10.2-inch screen that boasts of wireless integration to Apple CarPlay and gesture recognition to control phone and audio system operations. There’s a Wi-Fi hotspot (for up to 10 devices) and inductive phone charging as well.

There is optional Driving Assistant Plus – in certain environments, the vehicle can drive itself at speeds of up to 130 mph; Parking Assistant which enables remote parking, meaning the car can be automatically parked just by using a smartphone; Lane-keeping assist; Traffic jam assist; and 3D Surround view. For the first time, the vehicle will offer rear-wheel steering to further sensitize the car’s responses. In addition, to help the driver make emergency manoeuvres very safely at speeds of up to 100 mph, the evasion aid will come to the rescue.

The new 5-series maintains course in terms of size, the dimensions remain within one inch of the previous model’s, however, the overall length is up by 1.2 inches. Also, the new 5 refrains from carbon-fiber reinforcements in the structure. According to BMW, the use of clever but super tough lightweight materials like aluminium, high-strength steel, and magnesium offer cumulative weight-savings of up to 137 pounds.

January 2017’s Detroit Auto Show will be the first time for Americans to catch live glimpses of the epic 2017 BMW 5 Series. The launch will see a bifurcation of the line-up into the 530i and 540i models. A month after that, the vehicles are scheduled to hit showrooms.