BMW launches premium car sharing service in the U.S.

ReachNow is a premium car sharing service, owned by the BMW Group and is designed to provide a user experience that’s as convenient as owning a car: Drive on your own terms without the hassle and expense of traditional car rental programs.

ReachNow offers premium BMW, BMWi and MINI vehicles that provide pure driving pleasure, an easy interface and supplementary services. Each car comes fully-loaded with the following features: navigation, heated seats, hi-fi audio with Bluetooth/USB connection, moon roof, premium interior finishes, and special additional features like park distance control/rear-view camera, all-wheel drive, LED headlamps, etc. depending on the model.
The user experience is also premium, with fast registration and an almost instant approval process – a first for any car sharing service. Members can register and be able to drive a vehicle in 2 minutes or less.
What makes ReachNow unique?
  • Instant identity verification and access. Register, get approved and find a vehicle in 2 minutes or less.
  • Drive a variety of vehicles depending on your needs or mood.
  • Fuel efficient mixed fleet of both electric and combustion engine vehicles.
  • SeaTac airport off-site parking (coming soon).
The fleet consists of 370 vehicles: The BMW 3 Series, the all-electric BMW i3 and the MINI Cooper. More specifically, it’s a mix of
  • Glacier Silver Metallic BMW 328xi sedans, equipped with all-wheel drive.
  • Capparis White BMW i3s, which are electric with range extenders.
  • White Silver Metallic and Electric Blue Metallic MINI Coopers (both 2-door and 4-door versions

BMW i3