Blue Skye acquires John Richmond

Blue Skye, an investment company founded by Salvatore Rim and Gianluca D’Avanzo in 2004 with a portfolio of over 1.2 billion Euros, took over a majority stake of Fashioneast, owner of the John Richmond fashion brand.

John Richmond said “I am pleased to have as a partner Blue Skye, able to provide the best financial and international platform for future development.”

John Richmond was the last year in the center of a controversy in several stages with the former partner Saverio Moschillo, whose initial step was the acquisition in November 2015 of 100% of the brand by Fashioneast, actually headquartered  in Luxembourg: a move in which the fashion designer closed the decennial relationship with Falber, company held by Moschillo.

From there it led to a war of the official documents on the control of the brand, which led to a most recent cawalk collection called Rich and not more Richmond.

Moschillo had no choice, after the Milan Court rejected his appeal, forbidding him to make use ‘of any trademark, name, name, domain name, teaches that constitutes or includes the name John Richmond and Richmond, in relation to any goods or services, with effects extended to the entire European Union. ”

John Richmond Fall 2016