Bentley launches ultra-limited edition, Mulsanne Birkin

British luxury carmaker Bentley (owned by Volkswagen Group) is paying homage to legend Sir Henry ‘Tiger’ Tim Birkin with an ultra-limited edition of the Mulsanne inspired by the eccentric racer and reserved for Bentley’s European clients. Birkin made his name in the 1920s and 30s and essentially invented the concept of the gentleman racer, such was his sartorial elegance, sense of fair play and utter fearlessness when pushing a car to the limit.

The Bentley Mulsanne Birkin will be produced in a series of 22 units. The limited edition Mulsannes that take Birkin as their inspiration will stand on specially developed 21-inch wheels and will be offered in one of three color choices — Ghost White; Damson; and a Fountain Blue/Dark Sapphire two-tone contrast.

Each car will come with a set of hand-tailored luggage, each piece of which will be individually numbered and made to match the client’s interior specification. The cars will also be getting the special Mulliner Driving Specification, complete with ‘Sport’ mode, which will keep owners who also have a handful of supercars in their garage engaged.