Belgrade, one of the Eastern European capitals with the highest potential for luxury hotels

Townhouse 27 Hotel

Capital of Serbia, Belgrade is mainly a business destination for foreigners. Years of political intrusion into the economy have stalled privatisations of the state owned hotels and many such existing hotels have an unclear ownership situation. Thefore, for instance, the largest hotel in Belgrade, the Continental Hotel is currently rated at four stars, yet facilities and services are hardly two stars. Continental Hotel used to be the five star InterContinental hotel, and for many years decades ago was a landmark of the capital. Although market rumours indicate that a major private group has been the owner of Continental Hotel for more than 4 years which seems odd considering the disastrous current condition of the hotel.

The city’s largest and most appreciated business hotel is the four star Holiday Inn Belgrade. While services and facilities are up to the international four star standard, the location is rather unfortunate, being located near the railway and a deserted area which is seldom occupied by gipsies until their are sent away by the police.

Balkan and Moskva are two other ”privatized” hotels with excellent locations in the center, the old downtown of Belgrade. Although considered four star, both hotels offer services and facilities of maximum 2 stars.

The only five star hotel in Belgrade is Hyatt Regency, situated in the new part of Belgrade. Although five star, the hotel is not the most luxurious hotel too, in Belgrade. Managed by Hyatt, the Belgrade property offers good services, yet renovation of the rooms is badly needed. Probably the monopoly position it currently holds is in no way an incentive to renovate the hotel. As for conference facilities, Hyatt has the only five star level conference center. The lack of competition has generated rates starting at EURO 250 / night, therefore being among the most expensive in the entire region.

Irony has it that a four star hotel is actually the most luxurious hotel in Belgrade. It is theTOWNHOUSE 27 Hotel located in the center of old Belgrade. Why not five star ? Unfortunately, the hotel lacks certain facilities such as swimming pool and parking. Otherwise, the rooms and services are of the highest five star international standard. It is an impressive property mostly because of the way it perfectly blends modern architecture and comfort. From the latest wide screen Bang Olufsen LCD with HIFI,  to a complex lighting system, the rooms come equipped with Nespresso coffee makers and a fully stocked minibar. Furniture, carpets and curtains are of the highest standard of comfort and quality. All in all, the TOWNHOUSE 27 Hotel could rival with success any major international five star hotel.