BALLY closes in Bucharest

After the closing down of Hugo Boss this year, Bally is next to close down its monobrand store. The temporary closing of the store by its owner RTC does not come as a surprise. CPP has closely watched the evolution of the brand since its opening by PSF, a company owned by the family of Mr Puiu. RTC took over the franchise in 2008, planning to further develop Bally. We would like to mention that this is the second time a Bally shop closes down, with the first one located on Calea Mosilor closing down in 2002. At that time, the franchise was owned by a different company.
Like previously stated, we consider that choosing the brand Bally for the romanian market is most unfortunate, as the swiss brand is not suitable for the romanian consumer. It looks like the same fate awaits the Bally store opened in Serbia (double the size of the one in Bucharest).
Bally is, alongside Escada and Hugo Boss, one of the brands unsuitable for the eastern european consumer. All these brands are considered to be „anglo saxon” and suitable only for those consumers in Poland, Hungary, Cehia, Croatia.
In comparison, Hugo Boss has managed to obtain good results only in Serbia and Polland, as for the rest of the countries, the results are unsatisfactory. The success in these countries is assured by the exceptional management provided by the local partners.