Badrutt’s Palace Hotel launches innovative ‘behind the scenes’ movie

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, one of Switzerland’s most celebrated luxury hotels has recently launched an innovative social media campaign inviting viewers for a unique ‘behind the scenes’ cinematic experience through the day to day lives of the hotel’s own stars - its exceptional staff. In the movie ‘A Palace Story’, the hotel staff are given the unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a hotel guest. Each of the staff featured in the movie take a fairy tale journey, experiencing the ultimate luxury lifestyle which has been at the heart of this Swiss institution.

Located in the heart of St Moritz, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has always been a family owned establishment with a great lineage and history. After the property’s purchase in 1892 and careful refurbishment under the watchful gaze of Johannes Badrutt, the Swiss Grand Dame was born. It was also at this point that the great tradition of the Alps as a winter destination was established. Johannes Badrutt made a wager with four British summer guests that they should return in winter and if they did not enjoy their stay he would pay the cost of the journey from London and back. However, if they enjoyed St Moritz in the winter they were invited to stay as his guests as long as they wished. They did not depart until springtime….

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St Moritz