Bad news for Blackberry but good news for bejewelled phones

According to recent media releases, it seems that Blackberry clients have started to have second thoughts about their brand loyalty. So far the ‘battle’ on the smart phone field had been fought between three players: Apple, Blackberry and Google. However now it appears that Blackberry is quickly losing ground to the others two. The latest opinion polls show that a staggering 92% of Iphone users are willing to stay loyal to the brand and a surprising 87% of the Android client base would also stay true to the brand of their choice. As opposed to these figures, the questionnaires reveal the fact that 39% of Blackberry users would definitely try an Iphone, so obviously the loyalty for this brand is rapidly decreasing.

But why is that? Well, the answer is quite simple actually: Blackberry just isn’t fun anymore. Sure, a couple of years ago, when it first exploded onto the market, it was the absolute must-have of the season. Blackberry had made the image of the businessman/woman fashionable again. You used to see people from all walks of life parading up and down with their fingers clutched to the little miracle mobile. Business execs, journalists, models, fashionistas, they were all constantly buttoning text messages and emails. Then something changed. Fun came back in vogue. Technology started moving at the speed of… well, technology, so Apple, Google, Nokia and other smart phone manufacturers began flooding the market with more and more models, and that is when Blackberry started losing serious ground. Not to mention that the vast majority of mobile phone users have been mesmerized by the touch screen mirage.

As figures show, only a measly 7% of Blackberry owners still use their phone exclusively for work. All the others expect more fun from their mobile phone. And this is exactly what an Iphone or Android offers: music, high-resolution photos and videos, live internet streaming, games, 24h internet access, fun applications and not to mention the reliable email service. At the end of the day it all boils down to the potential clients asking themselves this question: ‘Why should I buy the old, thick, rectangular Blackberry, when I can get a slim fashionable Iphone that can even remind me where I’ve parked?’. And why should they indeed? No answer comes to mind… 

The same goes for the luxury goods consumers. They want the whole package, business, fun and communication, all in one, plus an extra touch of glam. And that is what CONTINENTAL MOBILES is ready to give them. This British company offers a range of exceptional bespoke luxury mobile phones for those clients who want only the best. The master jewellers of CONTINENTAL MOBILES put the greatest care and attention into creating each uniquely hand made piece of ‘mobile jewellery’. Clients can choose from the various collections in the company’s portfolio and they will certainly be impressed by the exquisite workmanship.

Whether you are an Iphone, Nokia or Blackberry fan, your tastes will be catered for at the highest level. You can opt for a gold or platinum plated phone, one bejewelled in diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires or even have your name elegantly and tastefully engraved on the back. Should any of the more opulent clients wish to match their Iphone with their python Dior bag or crocodile Birkin, CONTINENTAL MOBILES offers a wide variety of back panels for this type of phone, which are made out various materials ranging from python and crocodile skin to even buffalo. Whatever your fancy may be, the company will tailor your mobile with the utmost skilfulness and exclusive precision so that you may be able to text, email, surf the internet or chat… in style!

Mircea Filimon