Baccarat fetes 250th anniversary with a retrospective exhibition in Paris

Baccarat is celebrating its 250th anniversary with a retrospective exhibition in Paris, showcasing 250 of the brand’s masterpieces over the centuries. “Baccarat: Les 250 ans” takes place in the brand’s Museum Gallery space and the exhibit will be split into five main themes telling the story of the group’s heritage.

The themes include the story of the famous ‘Harcourt’ stem glass, born in 1841 when King Louis Philippe ordered a ceremonial chalice engraved with his monogram.

‘Le Rouge à l’Or’ focuses on the vivid golden red color that has become Baccarat’s trademark, a fusion of clear crystal and 24-carat gold. The trend is illustrated by the pair of ‘Simon’ vases designed for the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1867.

The ‘Myriad Colors’ section of the show focuses on a series of colored pieces first released in 1839 and expanded over the years to create kaleidoscopic bursts of crystal. The technique marked a turning point in the history of the brand’s designs.

The final division of the exhibit concentrates on the craftsmanship and expertise the brand has accumulated since its beginning and explores techniques such as cutting, glassblowing, engraving and gilding.