Austrian VivaMayr Clinic opens in London

VivaMayr detox clinic in Austria: its first London outpost will open on Harley Street this month. VivaMayr clinic specialises in an intense gut overhaul.

Unlike its two Austrian clinics, VivaMayr London will be a convenient day spa, allowing clients to fit the ‘Mayr Method’ (a lot of alkaline eating, abdominal massage and blood diagnostics) into their day-to-day life, or even their lunch break. Most importantly, all consultations will be carried out by the Mayr clinic’s founding doctors, who will be travelling weekly from Austria to London.

There is an on-site cookery school, where VivaMayr chefs will train you to recreate the specialised recipes. The clinic will also offer kinesiology, an innovative allergy-testing system and wellness buzzword for 2017, where your intolerances are ascertained through monitoring muscle weakness.

VivaMayr opens in London