Australia, Bulgari’s fastest growing country worldwide

In an interview to the Australian, Jean-Christophe Babic, CEO of Bulgari (LVMH Group) said:” I think per capita Australia might be our number one country in the world. Our turnover is pretty high there and you know better than I that there are fewer people compared to Beijing, where we sit today.”Bulgari presently operates three stores in Australia, two in Melbourne and one in Sydney. A fourth one is scheduled to open in Brisbane in 2015.

Babin indicates Australia’s position as top market for Bulgari, in part to the rising numbers of Chinese tourists and settlers: “Those who have a residence in Beijing, a residence in Perth or in Brisbane, or wherever — when they’re out of their own country, they tend to spend more,” he says. Babin also highlights watches and jewellery as the two key product areas Bulgari is now focusing on, using their reputation as jewellery master craftsmen to “address different consumer groups.”

Bulgari store Melbourne