Audi Polo Gold Cup, a unique event blending the best of Italy’s mountains and beaches

From the snowy Dolomiti mountains to the beautiful beaches of Forte dei Marmi, one of Italy’s most exclusive summer resorts, the 23rd edition of the Audi Polo Gold Cup is a unique polo event worldwide, which includes both snow polo and beach polo. The first part of the circuit the Audi Snow Polo Gold Cup took place this years, between 19 and 25 February in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The Ruinart Montecarlo Polo Team narrowly defeated the  Hotel de la Poste Team, claiming Cortina Winter Polo Gold Cup. Similarly to what happened in several matches of this edition of the Cortina Winter Polo Audi Gold Cup, the event’s final (Saturday, February 25th ) was highly-thrilling match, and the winner came away with only half-goal’s advantage over its rival at Cortina d’Ampezzo, in northern Italy.

The second leg of this unique polo circuit will take place in April in Forte dei Marmi, at the Bagno Costanza Beach Club, the seaside resort with the longest part of the beach (160 mt). A suitable ground is created in sand, of the standard of a high level handicap tournament (12/14 hp). The beautiful beaches of Forte dei Marmi and the great lifestyle venues – exquisit restaurants, hotels and lounges, all make up for a very stylish event.

The third part of the Audi Polo Gold Cup will take place outside Rome, Italy’s capital, in the town of Duca D’Aosta.