Audi invests $5 billion over 3 years in its retail, to help boost the brand’s presence in North America

German luxury carmaker Audi has recently opened a new flagship showroom in New York with its sister brand Volkswagen, which is the largest real estate investment by the Volkswagen Group – $135 million for a space of 265,000 square feet.

Audi is aiming for the new showroom and dealership updates to increase its exposure in New York and the U.S.. “New York is a critical market for a premium brand and Audi is investing to ensure that our facility in Manhattan represents all of the progressive characteristics of our brand,” said Andrew Lipman, general manager of communications at Audi of America, New York. Audi’s new flagship dealership is located on 11th Avenue between West 55th and 56th Streets in Manhattan.

In addition to opening up this location, Audi will continue to update its other showrooms to maintain its standards of quality and increase its presence in the U.S. market.

Audi Manhattan showroom