Aston Martin expands production facilities in the U.K.

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin is expanding its production with the addition of a new logistics facility in Wellesbourne, Britain. This expansive space will become the largest storage and distribution location in the brand’s history.

The new Wellesbourne Logistics Facility will help Aston Martin ensure that it has all the materials needed on hand for its production, which takes place at its headquarters in the nearby town of Gaydon, Britain. The Wellesbourne location will also house office space and operations.

Aston Martin has long been committed to improving its workforce in various ways. For example, the British automaker recently looked to close the gender gap in engineering by teaming up the Royal Air Force to introduce female students to various career routes. The expanded facility has created 40 new jobs.

Aston Martin expanded production in Wellesbourne, U.K.