Asma Assad, First Lady of Syria , could bring the much needed stability to the Middle East region

First Lady of Syria ASMA ASSAD

Born in London’s Acton Town, 34 year old Asma Assad is the daughter of a wealthy Harley Street heart specialist from Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority. She went to a Church of England school and has a computer science degree from King’s College, London and he worked as an economic analyst in the City. In December 2000, she married Mr Bashar Al Assad, today President of the Syrian Arab Republic. In 2009, ELLE Magazine named Mrs Assad the most stylish woman in world politics.

Mother of three children, Mrs Assad,…

Content of the article has been removed! We find it appauling that Asma Assad continues to be a bystander to her husband’s massacre of his own people.

An appeal to Asma Assad: