As it prepares for its IPO, Moncler creates two distinct companies

As it prepares for its IPO on the Milan Stock Exchange within the next 12 months, Italian house of Moncler divides its operations into two distinct companies, one dedicated to luxury (Moncler) and the other one called Sportswear Industries which will include its medium level brands such as Marina Yachting and Coast Weber & Ahouse. Already, in-house, the company has been operating two divisions but the creation of two separate entities is a requirement by the majority of shareholders.

Since acquiring a majority stake in Moncler at the beginning of last year, French investment fund Eurazeo expresses content with the performance of Moncler, the Moncler brand along having practically doubled in size since its investment. The latest available financial data refer to the first half of 2012, the company registering a 19% increase to 225 million euros, compared to the same period last year.

Moncler store, Tokyo