Art market in Romania defies crisis

ARTMARK, leading Romanian art auction and art gallery company organized on June 25th at JW Marriott a major art auction event with sales of over EUR 450.000. The event was broadcast live on national tv Money Channel and gathered 500 wealthy participants. The auction marked several records such as the highest price for a Romanian painting of EUR 160.000 – Aishe of Camil Ressu. Also, on display was The Wood Chopper by Camille Pissaro with a price tag of EUR 4-6 million. Artmark is the first established art auction company with a permanent gallery and regular calendar of auction events. The next major auction of ARTMARK will take place October 2009 and promisses to be at a larger scale than the summer one. For the first time in Romania, ARTMARK is putting together an INDEX of all Romanian artists and their works, which is meant to be the most accurate idicator for the value of piece of art. The Index will include for each artist the evolution of the pricing for its portfolio.