Armani/Casa opens first stand-alone store in Jeddah

Giorgio Armani has recently opened its first Armani/Casa freestanding store in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. Located on Rawdah Street, the store covers a surface of 340 sqm.

The underlying concept behind the Armani/Casa store is to create a distinctive atmosphere through a combination of products that range from furniture and furnishings to accessories, decor and fabrics — for both day and night zones – selected for their compatibility in terms of shape, material and color, and all displayed within a bright but softly lit environment.

Around the entire perimeter and within the space itself, panels have been created in order to subdivide the displays. These comprise two slim, glossy, metal structures that feature two panels in bronze-colored honeycomb polycarbonate on each side.

The display system for accessories consists of clear glass shelves supported by poles of full length, finished in glossy black lacquer. In order to identify and outline the different display areas, glossy black reflective aluminum has been placed over the existing floor.

Armani Casa Collection 2016