ARMANI HOTEL DUBAI room rates lower by 40%

Room prices at Dubai’s Armani Hotel, which occupies the first six floors of the Burj Khalifa, are selling at 40 percent down from the published rates at opening late March 2010.

Seven months after its opening, a standard room at the 160-room Armani hotel will now set back guests AED2,400 (EUR 460) compared to a rate card price of AED4,000 (EUR 770) at opening.

The cost of a two bedroom suite, originally priced at AED40,000, can now be snapped up for AED24,000 (EUR 4.600), according to the hotel’s reservations office.

Tourism levels in Dubai were badly hit by the emirate’s downturn, but the industry is showing signs of recovery. Tourists to the emirate increased nine percent during the first half of this year to 4.18 million visitors while hotel revenue increased six percent to USD1.87bn, according to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

A spokesperson for the Armani Hotel Dubai said its rack rates remained unchanged. “However, we offer competitive rates based on seasonality which are in line with the global luxury hospitality trends,” the hotel said in an emailed statement.

from Arabian Business