ARMANI HOTEL Dubai introduces novelties and revolutionizes luxury hospitality

ARMANI Hotel opened its first location in Dubai less than one month ago, within Burj Khalifah, the world’s tallest building. The entire design of the hotel is signed by Giorgio Armani, who personally supervised the architectural works. Armani has created a hotel with a very warm, comfortable and cosy feeling. Luxury derives from the most simple and clean lines and the quality of the materials, especially iron, marble and woods. All designs within the hotel reflect Mr Armani’s unique taste for classic and understated luxury.

One of the innovations introduced by the ARMANI HOTEL in Dubai is the Lifestyle Manager. To ensure that guest feel at home while staying at Armani, a Lifestyle Manager will be at their entire disposal, before, during and after their ‘Stay with Armani’ experience. As your unique point of contact within the hotel, the Lifestyle Manager will communicate with the guest prior to their arrival to ensure all their needs and indulges are taken care of.

Armani Hotel pledges to provide its customers the most personalized service, making them feel at home and this is the ultimate goal of the entire team of the hotel. The unique aspect of this personalized ”feel home” service is so rare nowadays, as luxury hotels are no longer about the owner or the designer but about the hotel chain which manages them. The days of the grand hoteliers at The Savoy London, Ritz Paris or the Plaza New York have long gone. The ARMANI HOTEL is reviving old hospitality, offering guests just that, the opportunity to stay with the owner and designer of the hotel.